1st-2nd Grade

1st – 2nd Grade – To help you with your homework, classwork and understanding here are 35 sentences for 1st-2nd grade level using onomatopoeia words.  All onomatopoeia words are in italics and bold letters.

All sentences are written with words from this grade level.  When using them as an example on any assignment, feel free to rearrange or add any additional words to any sentence, to make it more personalized to fit your needs.


1st-2nd Grade:

1- “Achoo,” I sneezed.

2- “Ahhh,” my teacher said when she smelled the cookies.

3- My dog barks, arf, arf when he is hungry.

4- Baa,  said the sheep.

5- Bam, I hit the ball with the bat.

6- Don’t bang on the desk.

7- The beep of the car  horn sounds funny.

8- Let Johnny bong the bell.

9- Don’t say boo it scares me.

10- “Boo-hoo,” said the little girl.

11-  We heard a loud boom.

12- Bow wow,  said his little puppy.

13-  I heard my tummy bubble.

14-  The pop made me burp.

15- “I hear chatter in the back row,”  my teacher said.

16- Choo-choo went the train down the tracks.

17- Cheep, cheep, sang the baby birds in the tree.

18- My mouse wont click.

19- Cock- a’doodle-doo, cried the rooster.
My cereal says crackle.

21-  The crunch of my candy bar sounds good.

22- I like to hear our clock cuckoo.

23- The bell rings ding-dong everyday.

24- She likes candy that will fizz in her mouth.

25- I flush the toilet after I use it.

26- Gobble, gobble cried the turkey.

27- If my dog doesn’t like you he’ll growl.

28- Hee-haw, said the donkey.

29- I heard the snake hiss at me.

30- Honk your horn if you love your school.

31- The hoot of the owl is spooky.

32- We saw the wolf howl at the moon.

33- Hum a happy song for me.

34- The rock made a loud kerplunk when it hit the water.

35- We heard the horses klippity klop down the street.



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